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Santa Cruz Halloween Sex-Offender Safety Map - Santa Cruz, CA - Find out where the registered sex offenders are living in Santa Cruz.
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And although registered sex offenders can apply for an exemption for work or a family gathering, few have been approved.

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Fountain Valley has decided to delay enacting the ordinance, said Alan Burns, the city attorney. The city of about 50, initially approved an ordinance in October, but the action went no further. Though Mile Square Park — where Godinez attended the Cinco de Mayo party — is in Fountain Valley, the facility is county parkland and subject to county rules. Critics of the ordinances, such as Janice Bellucci of California Reform Sex Offender Laws, say that the ruling from the judicial panel paves the way for registrants to visit parks, beaches and harbors without the fear of being arrested or fined.

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General Plan Update. County Code. Supervisory District Locator. County Offices Locator. School District Locator. Board of Supervisors Stream. Obviously, it always pays to be cordial with the officers who you are dealing with in a sex crime case. Normally, the only time they really want to talk to your client is when they do not have a great case; if they have a great case they are just going to arrest your client. In any case, it pays to be friendly. For instance, if my client receives a warrant we will tell the officer to let us know when the warrant becomes active.

We tell them we can do a self-surrender by agreeing to a location that is acceptable to everyone. We have actually done these at our office.

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Our pitch to the officer is that it is safer for everyone involved to do this. Otherwise, if they surprise the defendant, he might be armed, scared, or be with his children. There are a lot of variables when you execute an arrest warrant so we believe it is safer to agree to a controlled self-surrender. Also, if you are friendly the officers may give you more information than you had before. Our firm has always been on friendly terms with the prosecuting attorneys in these cases.

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  • To obtain discovery information in a sex crime case we have to send out an informal discovery letter before we file a formal motion. In fact, our firm has not experienced too many issues involving intentional violations of not turning over discovery that is requested. I currently have a high profile case in which a preliminary hearing was set two months out. As the date approached, I realized I still did not have all of the reports.

    I informed the District Attorney about this and he indicated that we can continue this preliminary examination farther out to make sure we had everything. After we discuss their case with the client we set up a meeting with the client and our investigator. That meeting lasts for about an hour or longer so that our investigator can find out as much information as they can, start investigating potential witnesses, and determine whether we need to obtain camera, tape, or cell phone records.

    Basically, we are starting an investigation process that the DA is not a part of, and that gives us a big advantage, because the DA has only half of the story. Investigation is key in these cases, as it can make a mediocre attorney into a great attorney —and not doing enough investigation can hamper your case.

    Therefore, your main goal should be to talk to your client as much as possible to learn anything that might be helpful to their case.

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    • For example, you need to know whether other people live in the house where the sex crime allegedly took place, whether they know the victim, whether they are aware of the history of the victim, the layout of the house—in other words, information that could shed light on the credibility of the victim. Again, after we start the process by talking with the client, our investigator will interview witnesses and obtain whatever cell phone records and text messages we need to build our case.

      Ultimately, we will use the information we have obtained to enter into negotiations, plea bargain, or prepare for a jury trial, depending on the facts of the case. In some cases, you cannot interview a child victim; therefore, we have to utilize different strategies to obtain the information we are seeking. The hope is that the victim told them something different than what they told the police. Or maybe they would let us know of some possible motivation for the victim that was told to them. In some cases, DNA evidence is important. For example, I once defended a client in a gang rape case; he was charged with raping a woman who drank too much, along with two other men; and after we requested the DNA evidence it exonerated my client and the case was dismissed.

      The client plays an important role in these cases in terms of providing information, as noted. We need them to help us tailor how our investigators are going to proceed with the case and who they are going to interview. In interviewing the client, we use a standard intake form that covers their basic personal information, addresses, and prior criminal history.

      Registered sex offender arrested after attempted assault

      If they are reluctant to give information over the phone we set up a meeting where we write everything down. After we are retained we conduct a case review meeting where we give the client the redacted copies of our reports and ask them what they have to say about our findings. We may ask them if they have any ideas regarding how to refute the accusations they are facing, and if they have any witnesses who may help their case.

      Many of our clients are afraid to talk to the officers who are handling their case—even if they are completely innocent and they feel they could exonerate themselves, they do not want to go through that process—and rightfully so. To help educate the client in this area, we tell them that these officers are highly trained in the interview process. I am just interested in learning more about this aspect of the case.

      Write that down. A statement that they may have thought was benign often takes on a whole different context when it is written down. Therefore, we tell our clients that they are not going to gain anything by talking to the officers, as they may not really listen to the client. On the other hand, there are some cases where an interview with the officer results in a situation where the officer decides not to file the case at all. There was a football player from the San Francisco Giants, for instance, who was accused of committing a sex crime in Santa Cruz.

      His attorney decided to go with him and talk to the officers—and ultimately, the officers decided not to file the case. In most situations, however, there is no reason to take that risk; there is simply too much at stake. Again, the officers could use what your client says against him; and he could spend the rest of his life in prison. It is always important to research the law in the case to make sure what the client did was actually illegal. For example, I once had a case in which my client was living in an apartment building and took pictures of the girl across the courtyard when her blinds were drawn; all you could see was a silhouette.

      Things To Know If You Are Being Investigated For Child Molestation

      After researching the situation I determined that what my client did was not illegal; the courtyard was a public place and the photography was not an invasion of privacy since the photo was taken from his apartment and he did not use any device like zoom lenses to enhance what was noticeable to the naked eye. My client had also sent a letter to the tenant victim asking for a time where she could be his dominatrix. With this letter, he enclosed a copy of the photograph he had taken of her.

      This consisted of a silhouette of her since she was behind the blinds of her room. We ultimately settled on a charge of disturbing the peace. This was a tough case because the facts showed the odd behavior of my client but the law did not support the conviction, no matter how hard the DA tried. However, unless you know the law and whether an act is legal or illegal you do not have any leverage to try to settle a case. It is also important to keep in mind that sex crime cases involve a statute of limitations. For example, I have a case where I am defending a client who is eighty-two years old, and the allegations involve something that happened twenty years ago.

      The plaintiff was twenty-seven when she went to the officers, which was appropriate under the statute of limitations—she had to be under twenty-eight; if she was twenty-nine the case would be dismissed. Some sex crime cases have a ten-year statute of limitations, while a misdemeanor sex crime has a three-year statute of limitations. In a case that would carry a lifetime sentence there is no statute of limitations; such a case can be brought at any time—i. I am currently representing a client who is charged with lewd and lascivious conduct with someone under fourteen years old. This Felony charge in California carries a maximum of eight years in prison, and you have to register as a sex offender for the rest of your life—you cannot get a certificate of rehabilitation. The only way to avoid prison is to obtain a favorable In this particular case we are trying to set up a preliminary examination hearing, because my client is adamant that he is innocent—i.

      The DA has made an offer that would result in a misdemeanor conviction in which the sentence is six months in the county jail.