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Guide to Kenton County, Kentucky ancestry, genealogy and family history, birth There are two court houses, one at Independence and one at Covington.
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Kidwell, Edward C. Elliott, Eliza A. Lancaster, Albert W. Lancaster, Harvey W. Barker, Sallie H. Beckett, Maggie Ky Ohio Ky. Lillie, Franklin M. Work, Rachael C. Ky Illinois Ky. Mahoney, Margaret Aug 04 Pendleton Co. Hogan, Catharine Ky Ire Ire. Marquett, not named Apr 04 Pendleton Co.

Marshall, Charles R. Hitch, Martha M. Marshall, Martha J. Wilson, Polly A. McCane, Samuel W. Plummer, Elizabeth Ky Ky Ky. Danson, Josephine Ky Ky Ky. McGinety, not named Mar 01 Campbell Co.


Riley, Frances A. McKinney, Thornton E. McLafferty, Dec 18 Pendleton Co. Cahill, Mary Ky Ind Ky.

McLafferty, Annie C. Menzies, Samuel L. Remington, Laura Ky Ky Ky. Middleton, Robert Nov 06 Pendleton Co. Gibson, Bettie Ky Ky Ky. Miles, Richard A. Wright, Elizabeth A. Mills, Fannie E. Mullins, Margaret A. Edgar Crozer, Bettie C. Morford, Ella V. Burton, Annie B.

GREEN (E) - THOMPSON Family Lineages

Ky Oh Oh. Morris, Addie G. Ratliff, Sarah E. Mullins, Maggie J. Chapman, Martha E. Mullins, Margaret J. Newkirk, not named Mar 07 Pendleton Co. Pendergest, not named Feb 12 Kentucky m w dead Pendergest, J. Scanlan, Margaret Ky Ire Ky.

Pribble, Joseph B. Pettitt, Eliza J. Pribble, Lizzie J. Nolan, Eliza E.

Carter County Death Records

Rariden, Muford D. Altice, Mary Ky Ky Ky. Ravenscraft, Annie M. Black, Sarah J. Ravenscraft, Clora F. Salmen, Lulu M. Sargeant, Carrie A.

Delayed Birth Records

Schuetz, Chris Apr 18 Pendleton Co. Schumaker, Austin Jun 29 Pendleton Co. Beck, Barbara Ky Ger Ger. Sharon, Laura B. Shaver, Nannie F. The groom is an excellent young man of high character, a member of one of the township's best families and well worthy the noble young lady he has chosen to go down life's wedded path with him. Brownsburg, Indiana?? Homer A.

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Warrick, rural Brownsburg, celebrated their 61st wedding anniversary at a dinner given by their granddaughter, Mrs. Frank Miller, rural Lebanon.

http://taylor.evolt.org/jijys-quinto-chicos.php George H. Everett, Monrovia, and Frank B. Warrick, Pittsboro, and the late Milton R. They have nine grandchildren and 10 great grandchildren. His wife, Fern, and a son Milton, preceded him in death. Born, 4 Nov , in Fountain Co. Died, 31 May , in Brownsburg, Hendricks Co. Milton Russell5. Orren M. Born, 18 Jun , in Fountain Co. Margaret Kathryn Everett. Cleo B. Born, 10 Dec , in Fountain Co. Frank Bingham. Born, 28 Jan , in Fountain Co.